Trabocchi's coast


In that slice of land between Francavilla al Mare, Lanciano, Val di Sangro and Vasto coexist marinara cuisine and land cuisine and where tradition coexists with innovation. Between large restaurants and small trattorias, brodetti and ventricine, overflows and broom bushes. The Costa Teatina, once inhabited by the ancient Italian population of Frentani, and its immediate hinterland are preparing to become one of the next destinations for those seeking niche tourism. Delicate opalescent rose sunsets, bittersweet flavors of certain contrasts, in the sometimes harsh and wild nature this is all that the Teatina coast expresses to the visitor who is about to visit it.


/The Technique

With the trabocco we use a fishing system called “balance”. It binds a rectangular net to two poles called antennas with ropes, these cords with a mechanism of intertwining are directed by a tool called winch that is turned and slowly falls and rises the net by tightening it.


The fish that you can fish along the coast is the Cefalo, the Spigole and the Mormorrore in the period from Ottobte to April. The Cuttlefish, the Bianchetto and the Anchovies in the period April and May.