since 1923

From a historical photo of 1923 it can be ascertained that the Trabocco Pesce Palombo, located in the territory of Fossacesia in the Contrada la Penna locality the “Fuggitelle”, was already existing. Owned by Orlando Verì (Father) was later inherited by his son Ernesto Verì who kept him active until 1979 when on the night of New Year’s Eve because of a strong storm crashed on the rocks where the old fishing machine stood, to testify the its existence remained only two piles.

La Balena di Vallevò

of 16 August I960

That day of August 16, 1960, no one could imagine what an extraordinary event would have animated, for several days, the small town of Vallevò. The morning showed up with all its summer splendor. The calm and crystalline sea, not rippled even by the lighter breeze, seemed to find no boundary in the horizon and therefore to combine with the turquoise cycle. The stillness that reigned supreme in those hours, was interrupted, from time to time, by the call of some seagulls that, with their predatory attitude, let us understand the presence of some shoal of fish. In fact, following the twisting of the birds, Cesare Annecchini, a young local fisherman but already an expert on the sea, immediately noticed that a stretch of the same, just south of Punta Tufano, swarmed with fish that rippled the waters with its swirling movement. Immediately he rushed to call Ettore Veri, another fisherman from Vallevò and his occasional fishing partner. The two, after embarking the necessary equipment on the boat called Fortunello, oriented the bow towards the open sea and began a powerful and unisoned rowing that seemed to synchronize with their breath. Arrived at the point considered most suitable, in the direction of the Scoglio del Gabbiano, Cesare left his oar to his companion and dedicated himself to the preparation of fishing equipment.

It was at that moment that Ettore, looking at the seabed, saw in depth an amorphous and dark mass that seemed to come towards them. Caesar at that sight was enthusiastic, hoping it was a large herd of fish and this already made him imagine an abundant fishing. But while the two friends, not convinced, formulated other hypotheses on the nature of that mass, they saw it slowly rise to the surface and manifest itself in a huge creature that surfaced between splashes and waves. A whale! And who had ever seen her in these seas! Moments of fear, of amazement, of wonder. Strong and contrasting sensations pervaded the two fishermen. Ettore, almost without realizing it, found himself rowing with unusual vigor, towards the direction closest to the mainland; but if on the one hand the man backed away from that gigantic and mysterious being, on the other he did not give up the unequal combat. Someone from the house had followed the scene and running towards the sea screaming and calling the people of the district that quickly crowded the cliff and the hill above, assisting helplessly, to the incredible event. Some boys exulted, trusting in an exceptional fishing for the couple of fishermen, but others, older, silenced them, fearing a dangerous situation. The cetacean chased the thin little boat, seldom moving away from its wake. After a few excited minutes, Fortunello reached the tip of the Tufano cove, slipping easily through the outcropping rocks.

The Trabocco

100 years of history

Hector and Caesar, after seeing the whale inexorably stranded on the shallow waters and give the last titanic tail shots against the rocks, they looked into each other’s eyes, almost to transmit the emotions just experienced and there they understood that this would be the greatest adventure that the sea would have never given them. The news of the whale in Vallevò quickly rebounded in newspapers, radios and televisions in Italy and other countries, which, reporting the singular news, also made the many emigrants from Abruzzo scattered around the world. For several days the rocks around the huge mammal hosted crowds of onlookers, some of whom even photographed on his back. But then the authorities decided to have the animal’s carcass removed, as hygienic-sanitary problems started to occur. And so it was that Vallevò, until then a quiet and anonymous place, witnessed the epilogue of the story with the whale towed by a large fishing boat, after a complicated disengagement, to the point where it would be sunk forever.